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Time: 10:00-12:15

Session F1:  Institutional Investors

Chair: William Rentz (University of Ottawa)
Location: DMS 4130

“Determinants of Financial Innovation: Evidence from Mutual Funds”
Leonard Kostovetsky (Boston College) and Jerold B. Warner (University of Rochester)
Discussant: Fabio Moneta (Queen’s University)

“Usage of Derivatives and Leverage in Mutual Funds”
Paul Calluzzo (Queen’s University), Fabio Moneta (Queen’s University), and Selim Topaloglu (Queen’s University)
Discussant: Laurent Barras (McGill University)

“Deception and Managerial Structure”
Saurin Patel (Western University) and Sergei Sarkissian (McGill University)
Discussant: Ashrafee Hossain (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Session F2:  Initial Public Offerings

Chair: Allan Riding (University of Ottawa)
Location: DMS 4140

“The Unintended Effects of Government Regulations in Emerging Financial Markets: Evidence from Chinese IPOs”
Francois Derrien (HEC Paris), Xiaohui Wu (Xiamen University), Qi Zeng (University of Melbourne) and Yan Zhang (Xiamen University)
Discussant: Chris Yung (University of Virginia)

“Worldwide Short Selling Regulations and IPO Underpricing”
Thomas J. Boulton (Miami University), Scott B. Smart (Indiana University), and Chad J. Zutter (University of Pittsburgh)
Discussant: Chinmay Jain (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

“IPO Quantity Revisions”
Wei Wang (Cleveland State University), and Chris Yung (University of Virginia)
Discussant: Chad J. Zutter (University of Pittsburgh)

Finance Parallel Sessions Cont.

Time: 2:15-4:30

Session F3:  International Finance

Chair: Imed Chkir (University of Ottawa)
Location: DMS 4130

“Insider Trading and Price Efficiency around the World”
Lilian Ng (York University), Crystal X. Wang (University of Wisconsin) and Qinghai Wang (University of Wisconsin)
Discussant: Alexandre Jeanneret (HEC Montreal)

“Pricing Together Developed and Emerging Markets with Multiple Risk Factors”
Amir Akbari (McGill university), and Francesca Carrieri (McGill University)
Discussant: Lilian Ng (York University)

“Stock Return Volatility, Financial Risk, and Investor Protections”
Louis Gagnon (Queen’s University), and Alexandre Jeanneret (HEC Montreal)
Discussant: Francesca Carrieri (McGill University)

Session F4:  Mergers and Acquisitions

Chair: Micah Officer (Loyola Marymount University)
Location: DMS 4140

“The Effect of Cultural Similarity on Mergers and Acquisitions”
Fred Bereskin, Seong Byun, Micah S. Officer (Loyola Marymount University), and Jong-Min Oh
Discussant: Andrey Golubov (University of Toronto)

“Employment Protection and Takeovers”
Olivier Dessaint (University of Toronto), Andrey Golubov (University of Toronto), and Paolo Volpin (City University London)
Discussant: Andréanne Tremblay (York University)

“The Real Effects of Credit Ratings: Evidence from Corporate Asset Sales”
Frederik P. Schlingemann (Pittsburgh University), and Dion Bongearts (Erasmus University)
Discussant: Ming Dong (York University)

“Does Stock Misvaluation Drives Merger Waves”
Ming Dong (York University) and Andréanne Tremblay (York University)
Discussant: Frederik P. Schlingemann (Pittsburgh University)


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