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Session A1: Taxation

Session Chair: Daniel Thornton (Queen’s University)
Time: 10:15-12:00 / Location: DMS 4120

“Does the Financial Reporting for Income Tax Expense affect the Timeliness of Goodwill Impairments?”
Zach King (Wisconsin-Madison), Daniel P. Lynch (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Bridget Stomberg (Indiana University), and Steve Utke (University of Connecticut).
Discussant: Alex Edwards (University of Toronto)

“Capital Gains Taxation and Funding for Start-ups”
Alex Edwards (University of Toronto), and Max Todtenhaupt (LMU Munich)
Discussant: Andrew P. Schmidt (North Carolina State University)

“Examining which Tax Rates Investors Use for Equity Valuation”
Kathleen Powers (University of Tennessee), Andrew P. Schmidt (North Carolina State University), Jeri Seidman (University of Virginia), and Bridget Stomberg (University of Georgia).
Discussant: Daniel P. Lynch (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Session A2: Accounting, Valuation and Innovation *

Session Chair: Cheryl S. McWatters, Editor, Accounting History Review and Father Edgar Thivierge Chair in Business History (University of Ottawa)
Time: 10:15-12:00 / Location: DMS4170

“Just Fines: Valuation Tables, Church Lands, and Economic Reason in Early Modern England”
William Deringer  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

“Communication, Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Lessons from the Industrial Revolution”
Leonard Dudley (Université  de Montréal)

* This session is presented in collaboration with the Accounting History Review and the Father Edgar Thivierge Chair Speaker Series in Business History.

Session A3: Climate Change/CSR Reporting

Session Chair: TBD
Time: 02:30-4:15 / Location: DMS4120

“Capital Market Expectations of Risk Materiality and the Credibility of Managers’ Risk Disclosure Decisions”
Ella Mae Matsumura (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Rachna Prakash (University of Mississippi), and  Sandra C. Vera-Munoz (University of Notre-Dame)
Discussant: TBD

“CEO Tenure and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting”
Long Chen (George Mason University) and Chih-Hsien Liao (National Taiwan University) and Albert Tsang (York University).
Discussant: TBD

Session A4: Accounting in Government and Non-Profit Organizations

Session Chair: TBD
Time: 02:30-4:15 / Location: DMS 4170

The Association of Internal Control Weaknesses and Reduced Regulatory Oversight: The Case of Publicly Funded Charter Schools”
Dana Forgione (University of Texas at San Antonio), and Jean Ryberg Price (Eastern Washington University, Spokane)
Discussant: TBD

“Municipal OPEB Liabilities and Contributions During and After the Great Recession”
Suzanne Lowensohn (University of Vermont), Laurence Johnson (Colorado State University), and Alan Styles (California State University San Marcos)
Discussant: TBD

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