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Non-Profit Management Research Network (NMRN)

Measuring impact and sustainability in non-profit organizations

  • CBAP, in collaboration with Vectors Group, have created the NMRN to provide non-profit organizations the opportunity to attend free professional development workshops, and/or engage in research to investigate and develop best practices in performance management.

    Why Join?
    Members will be able to:
    * Benefit from free professional development sessions
    * Provide your input to researchers
    * Share perspectives between non-profits, government, and other funders
    * Stay up-to-date with research findings on non-profit management and performance measurement
    * Network with stakeholders within the non-profit sector

    For additional information, or to become a member of the Non-profit Management Research Network, please contact Angela –


    Professional Development
    Workshop Series





    Non-profit Management Research 


    Upcoming Professional Development Workshop

    Looking Beyond the Buzzwords of Impact and Sustainability for Non-profits

    Non-profit organizations and funders alike are striving for high social-impact and sustainability. 
    What does that mean, and how do the current performance measurement-standards affect you?

    Join the conversation to outline what impact and sustainability mean for your organization.

    Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2018
    Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
    Telfer School of Management
    55 Laurier Ave. East
    DMS-7170 (7th floor)
    PriceFree for non-profit, government employees, university faculty and students.
    $75.00 For-profit organizations

    Deirdre Freiheit
    President & CEO, Shepherds of Good Hope

        Omer Livvarcin
        Part-time Professor, Program Manager,
        Telfer Master of Business in Complex Project
        Leadership, Consultant and retired Turkish Naval Officer

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        Register for free here! (non-profits, university staff and students)
        For-Profit Organizations ($75) Register Here!

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