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The CPA-AGRC Group would like to announce the 2016 Telfer Funding Competition Results.  The recipients have been awarded $5,000 each from Telfer to support the following research projects:

2016 – 2017 Recipients:

  1. Impact of Accounting Information and Its Quality on Government Grantmaking to Nonprofit Organizations

Principal Investigator: Qiu Chen

  1. Board Gender Diversity and Innovation

Principal Investigator: Imed Chkir

  1. Operations in Offshore Financial Centers and Bank Risk Taking

Principal Investigator: Tiemei Sarah Li

  1. Accounting for impairments: a framing perspective

Principal Investigator: Sylvain Durocher

  1. Information Content of Newswire Articles: Evidence from M&A Activities

Principal Investigator: Shantanu Dutta

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility and Narrative Disclosure Complexity

Principal Investigator: Walid Ben Amar


Past recipients for 2015 – 2016:

  1. The Effects of International Financial Reporting Standards Adoption and Audit on Private Firms’ Debt Financing

Principal Investigator: Shujun Ding

  1. Earnings Management in Family and Non Family Firms

Principal Investigator: Lamia Chourou

  1. Does Board Diversity Affect CSR Practices and Firm Value? The Case of the Carbon Disclosure Project

Principal Investigator: Philip McIlkenny

  1. IAS 19R Adoption and Risk Mitigation Strategies: Canadian Experience

Principal Investigator: Darlene Himick

  1. Does Trust matter to Corporate Payout Policy?

Principal Investigator: Samir Saadi

  1. Comparing Environmental Risk Exposure and Risk Management Disclosures with the Environmental Performance of Canadian Firms

Principal Investigator: Tony Quon

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