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The main objective of corporations traditionally has been to maximize their shareholders’ wealth. This has historically been accomplished through an exclusive focus on the financial bottom line. Organizations today, regardless of whether they are publicly traded or privately held, governmental, for-profit, or not-for-profit, report to many stakeholders and actively pursue a multiplicity of objectives. In this complex environment, financial indicators alone are insufficient to adequately evaluate performance. The challenge for managers and accountants in all organizations is to develop, experiment with, and report a variety of supplemental performance measures.

This conference examines the emergence of supplemental performance measures from the following perspectives: the conceptualization of performance measures; performance measures as organizational symbols, the development of performance indicators; management using performance indicators; implementing new measures; reporting results under performance measurement; providing assurance on performance measures, and assessing the effectiveness of these new evaluation tools

Topics the conference addresses include:

  • how performance indicators can help your organization achieve its objectives;
  • what criteria to use in selecting performance indicators or how to develop effective performance indicators;
  • how and where to report the results of supplemental performance measures;
  • how to evaluate results or trends in performance measurement; and;
  • how to incorporate the use of performance indicators in managerial decision-making, policy formulation, and organizational governance .

Keynote Speaker:

Keynote Address
Alfonso Gagliano, FCGA, PC, MP, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Government of Canada


The Sunshine Standards: A Win Scorecard for Business and Stakeholders
Ralph Estes, DBA, CPA, Director, Center for Advancement of Public Policy, Washington

An Odyssey: Auditing in Uncharted Waters
Lilian Goh, MBA, CGA, Audit Director, Auditor General of Canada

The Challenge of Managing Performance: The UK Public Sector Experience
Noel Hyndman, PhD, FCMA, Professor of Accounting, University of Ulster, Ireland

Implementing Valid and Reliable Performance Measurement Systems
Merridee Bujaki, PhD, CA, Professor, University of Ottawa

Managing by Performance Measures: Making it Work: A Management Perspective
Michael R. Park, BSc, MBA, Vice President, Bell Canada

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