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The most challenging issues our society is currently facing are those related to the environment and environmental sustainability. Events such as the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro (1992) and the follow-up conference in Japan (1997) highlight the serious environmental challenges faced by governments and businesses around the world. In fact, a special issue of Time magazine entitled Our Precious Planet (November, 1997) identified saving the environment as the next century’s biggest challenge.

A number of factors, including environmental regulations, environmental awareness and ethical values, have made business executives, government officials, comptrollers, managers, and organizations in general, more concerned with sustainable development. However, most decision and accountability systems do not reflect this concern for environmental sustainability. Rather, they tend to emphasize short-term financial performance and ignore environmental costs and degradation.

This conference will focus on the experiences of leading organizations in meeting the challenges of environmental management, measurement, reporting and auditing. More specifically, the conference will address the following aspects of environmental management:

  • the role of professionals and managers in shaping a green organization
  • the measurement of environmental performance
  • the implementation of ISO 14001 and EMAS
  • writing and assessing the Organization Environmental Report

Keynote Speaker:

Keynote Address
François Guimont, Assistant Deputy, Minister Environmental Protection Service , Environment Canada


The Accounting Profession’s Green Scorecard : from A to F
Nabil Elias, Professor, University of Manitoba

Sustainable Development, Business and Accounting : Does It Add Up ?
Jan Bebbington, Professor, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

Creating Shareholder Value Through Improved Environmental Performance.
Helen Howes, Director, Corporate Environment, Ontario Hydro.

Sustainable Development’s Time Has Come.
Blair W.Feltmate, Partner, Sustainable Investment Group Ltd.

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