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E-business is evolving across many dimensions; the Internet is allowing seamless electronic transactions from beginning to end; the way we live and work is already changing, and will continue to rapidly change over the next few years. In fact, Business Week (October 1999), in an article entitled “A new era of bright hopes and terrible fears,” gives the following figures (in U.S. dollars) concerning the likely growth in e-commerce transactions over the next three years:

1999 2003
Business to Business 43.0 bil. 1.3 tril.
Computing and Electronics 52.8 bil. 410.3 bil.
Telecommunications 1.5 bil. 15.0 bil.
Financial Services 14.0 bil. 80.0 bil.
Ratailing 18.2 bil. 108.0 bil.
Energy 11.0 bil. 170.1 bil.
Travel 12.8 bil. 67.4 bil.

Such rapid growth is predicated on ?digital cash? emerging as a preferred medium of exchange, electronic transactions, and enterprise resource systems like SAP Oracle or Peoplesoft. In such an environment, revolutionary changes are faced by accountants, financial managers and comptrollers in the fundamental nature of their work. Old methods and unchallenged expertises are coming under assault. Further, e-commerce raises issues for accountants, auditors, and financial managers such as: the security of information, the acceptability of electronic evidence, concerns regarding privacy, continuous auditing, online financial disclosure, and eventually, accounting and financial functions that are fully integrated with corporate e-commerce sites.

This conference “The E-commerce Revolution: New Roles for Accountants and Financial Managers” provides a window into our future. The conference provides participants with an opportunity to have a closer look at the new e-commerce reality and the resulting challenges faced in their professional work. In addition, conference presenters have been asked also to provide as much practical advice as possible on how accountants, auditors, and financial managers can anticipate, adapt to, and thrive, in an increasingly complex digital environment.

Keynote Speaker:

E-Commerce at Canada Post
Philippe Lemay, Executive Vice President, International Affairs and Electronic Products and Services at Canada Post


The New Economy: Management Issues in Electronic Commerce
Norman P. Archer, Professor of Management Science and Information Systems, Director E-Commerce Research Centre, McMaster University

SysTrust: Assurance on System Reliability
J.Efrim Boritz, Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting, University of Waterloo, Director, Centre for Information System Assurance,1999-2000 President, The Canadian Academic Accounting Association

Disclosure on the WEB
Gerald D.Trites, Professor of Accounting, St.Francis Xavier University , Former Partner, KPMG, Author of several monographs published by the CICA.

Financial Issues in E-Government
Oliver Kent, National E-Business Leader, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Canada, Services Industries

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