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Echo360 ALP


About Echo360


Lecture Capture


Instructors can easily record classroom lectures, meetings, speeches, and other events with the Echo360 system. You can record any combination of audio, video, and what is on your computer screen and easily publish your recordings to the Web with Echo360′s automated features.


 Instructional Content Management

ALP_easycaptureKeep your instructional content in one place and save time. Documents, presentations, videos—all materials live in one place for easy access, management and distribution.

Customize and edit videos and presentations at any time via any browser, with an easy-to-use online editor. 


Student engagement

ALP_peer_2_peerMore dynamic class with questions, polls, quizzes and discussion. Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Image, Ordered List or Numerical—ask any of these five types of questions electronically in class, then get immediate feedback on what students have learned and what needs more review. 




ALP_analyticsindicatorsGet the insights into student, class, course and content performance. Assess individual progress with real-time analytics that track recording views, questions asked, responses to in-class quizzes and more. 



Echo360 is available To Faculty, Researchers, Staff, and departments. It works with internal microphones and webcams, as well as external peripherals (microphones, webcams, digital video recorders, etc.). You can record the contents of your computer screen to include anything you show during your presentation (e.g., PowerPoint slides). For scheduled classroom installations, the recordings automatically begin and end at designated times. Archived classroom recordings provide valuable review materials for your students.

 Echo360 Active Learning Platform Help

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Student User Guide

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