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In the 2012 edition, which was also the 20th year Happening Marketing has been in existence, Telfer came home with four podiums and a 4th place overall!

2012 Prizes

First Place

  • International Marketing

Students: Sarah Alexander, Jaime Green, Mark Mortera

Coach: Professor Leila Hamzaoui





  • Strategic Marketing

Students: Michel-André Aubin, Aymeric Beard, Christina Sluyter

Coaches: Professor David Large and Professor Paul Tomasik









  • Sports

Students: Danika Chilibeck, Léon Forest-Nault, Matthew Green, Chloé Laframboise, Jacob Legault, Stephanie Lui, Brent Miller, Alisha Zhao

Coach: Travis Leger






Second Place

  • Integrated Marketing Communication

Students: Navid Behroozi, Alex Hurst, Andreanne Sirois-Carey

Coach: Professor Michael Guolla