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2013 Delegation

Where would we be without our phenomenal delegation?

After months of anticipation and days of try-outs, the HM2013 uOttawa Delegation is finalized and ready to rock!

Congratulations to the following Telfer students for making an HM team and taking part in one of the most prestige Marketing competitions in Eastern Canada:

To the new HM uOttawa delegation… CONGRATULATIONS! 

Ladies and gentlemen, your HM2013 uOttawa Delegation: 


  • Mike Sutcliffe
  • Mitch Bédard
  • Travis Léger
  • Bryan Ip
  • Chloé Laframboise
  • Deanna D`Auchapt
  • Cassandra Perrier
  • Kalina Tsaneva


  • Morgan Bland 


  • Sara Valentino
  • Tarek Mansour
  • Maral Elliott
  • Benoit Simard

 Bénévole :

  • Nadine Pétrin
  • Aghilas Chebini


  • Gen Larose 


  • Eric Préfontaine
  • Andrew Packer


 Marketing Strategy:

  • Ariane Lafond
  • Barbara Robertson
  • Jayme Fallen 

International Marketing

  • Marc-Antoine Guénette
  • Jaclyn Tokarewicz
  • Jennifer Viscosi 

Relationship Marketing

  • Julie Shaw
  • Lisa Sachsalber
  • Vineeth Sampathkumar 

Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Branden Goodman
  • Samantha Buch
  • Shawna O’Brien 

Business-to-Business Marketing

  • Aleksandra Jasinka
  • Aymeric Beard
  • Martin Rivard 

Marketing Quiz

  • Patrick Douville
  • Eric Charette
  • Asmait Hailu

Also, a special thank you to the following for helping judge at Academic and Sport try-outs:

  • Christian Coulombe
  • Anika Laperrière
  • Christina Sluyter
  • Diane Mugeni
  • Gen Larose
  • Jacob Legault
  • Stephanie Lui