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About HM

What is Happening Marketing?

Every year, the most promising marketing students from the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management participate in Happening Marketing. The event unites more than 450 of the best business students in the marketing discipline in Eastern Canada. The Happening Marketing experience enables participants to develop initiative and creativity by participating in one of the three categories: academic, sports or social.

Not only is Happening Marketing a unique opportunity for marketing students to put their knowledge to the test, it is also a rare occasion for students to create valued connections that will be important for years to come.

Academic Case Studies

At the academic level, there are five cases that represent the main areas of study in the marketing concentration: Relationship Marketing, International Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing Strategy and Business to Business. Each team, made up of the best three students in the discipline, is given a case to complete. In three hours, the students must complete a full day analysis of the case given, identify the main issues and propose a solution. The students are not allowed the use of any supporting materials and therefore must rely only on the knowledge acquired throughout their studies and training. They are then given 20 minutes to present their solution to a panel of judges. The judges, often from the marketing firms and/or major corporations, critique and rank the teams based on their performance.

Sports Team

HM2013 has one sport, which is not announced until the team is made! The team is composed of 4 guys and 4 girls. The sport is usually a mixture of 2-3 sports and always ends up being very challenging and intense!

Social Team

Social is a team made up of 2 guys and 2 girls who are really out-going, enthusiastic, social and looking to meet a group of amazing people over the weekend! For many of our vets, this is where they first started: by joining the social team!

Our Goal

Every year, the new delegation has the opportunity to improve and beat its previous records. For the 2013 edition of Happening Marketing, the University of Ottawa’s goal is to improve our results and achieve high standings in all three categories (academic, sports and social) as well as overall. To do this, our delegation will need to be determined, motivated and ready to compete. By joining our winning team, you will be helping us pave the road to success for Happening Marketing 2013.

This year, Happening Marketing is taking place at HEC Montréal!

Watch the following video to get a better idea of HM: