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The Transition to a Sustainable Society: Managing for Sustainability

Welcome to our website “The Transition to a Sustainable Society”. It’s based on a couple of premises: we know we have serious environmental challenges including global warming, and we also know that we have all the technologies to address most of these challenges, and become a truly sustainable society.

So how do we make it happen? How can we deploy all these technologies to mitigate these environmental challenges? And more importantly, how do we break down the barriers and obstacles to innovation and change? How do we manage change?

These are the fundamental challenges of Managing for Sustainability.

We present here the results of our first Phase 1 project carried out in 2009, which looked at what the federal government should do to bring down some of these barriers. All the documents, including the background research and workshop proceedings, as well as the Final Phase 1 Report can be found on this site.

You will also find some follow-up work carried out by MBA students at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management. You will see some of their papers and presentations.

And you will also find more recent work on specific institutional changes, for example our case study on the transformation of a major regulatory framework, the National Building Code, to a more flexible structure. This is a good example of same of the changes necessary to encourages innovation and the shift to a sustainable society.

And lastly, by clicking on our blog, you can actually comment and offer suggestions on new issues we might address.