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Phase 1 of this project was funded by the Walter and Duncan Gordon foundation, Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian Gas Association, and the National Research Council of Canada.

We wish to acknowledge the following people for helping us in the course of this project:

  • David Brooks, Friends of the Earth
  • Penny Collenette, University of Ottawa
  • Ann Dale, Royal Roads University
  • David Foster, Canadian Home Builders Association
  • Pierre de Gagné and colleagues at Physical Resources Service,  University of Ottawa
  • Tom Green, CMHC
  • Louis Marmen, Canadian Gas Association and QUEST
  • Peter Nicholson, Canadian Academies of Science
  • Gilles Paquet, Telfer School, University of Ottawa
  • Ralph Torrie, Navigant Consulting
  • David Zussman, Telfer School University of Ottawa

Also to those who provided valuable research and logistics support,

  • Kathy Chyla
  • Jan Fedorowicz
  • Dianne Beckett
  • John Rakos

And our MBA students

  • Anne Murray Choudhary
  • Bénédicte Losfeld
  • Jason Spears