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About the MBA Oath

Welcome to the Canadian MBA Oath.

The Canadian MBA Oath was initiated by the MBA graduates of 2009 at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa. Recognising the need to further professionalise the occupation of Management as well as, make a public commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards as Business Managers, the class collaboratively developed the tenets of the Oath.

The Oath was taken as part of their graduation proceedings on October 25th 2009 in audience of peers, family, friends and faculty. The Oath was taken in both English and French.

While the concept of an MBA Oath has been around for a number of years and a few Business schools in the United States have adopted one, the Telfer graduates decided to develop an Oath that better reflected Canadian values. For example, being a resource based economy, the impact the Canadian lumber industry, the Oilsands and mining have on the environment has always been under close scrutiny. The graduates wanted to make public their commitment to Corporate Social responsiblity and sustainability in their future roles of management. The students also wanted an Oath that they personally had a hand in developing to reflect their own values.

Our mission is to engage all Canadian MBA programs to develop an interconnected system of academic, business, and political leaders who will transform this early Canadian MBA Oath into a legitimate, professional code of conduct. We recognize that this will be a challenge and will require ongoing involvement from managers, students, and entrepreneurs. It is the founding students’ vision to have the MBA degree lead toward a professional certification or designation in management with the MBA oath as a basis.

We invite you to browse the website, read the Oath, participate in the discussion forums and collaboratively help us perpetuate the cause.