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Taking the Oath

The first Canadian MBA Oath, was taken in October 2009 at the Telfer School of Management, at the University of Ottawa by the graduating class that developed it. The Oath can be taken by any graduating student or MBA alumni from any University . Although this Oath is developed by Canadian MBA students, we welcome any student that holds our values and is commited to the tenets of the Oath to take it.

While,we understand that some Oath’s can be taken electronically, in the spirit of the collaborative process of its development, we believe that the real value in an Oath is to have it taken in person.

We are currently working on involving more Universities across the country and are in the process of contacting each for participation. Each University will be able to conduct the Oath and will allow more students and alumni to take it due to geographical locations. Please see the existing Oath below.

The Canadian MBA Oath (2015)

Telfer School of Management – University of Ottawa
Collaboratively written by the MBA Class of 2015

As a Telfer School of Management MBA graduate, I promise to honor the responsibilities bestowed on me through my MBA. I acknowledge that, upon graduation, my judgment will be relied upon.

I also acknowledge that my decisions hold the propensity to evoke great positive impact,
but also be the cause of great harm. It is with this realization that I pledge to honor any fiduciary responsibility that will be conferred on me.

I shall also remain constantly aware of my responsibility to society and, in order to guide my decisions, thereby promise to follow local laws, high ethical norms and consider international best practices.

I also promise to evaluate the consequences of my actions on the employees, the community and the environment, and promise to strive to enhance the social triple bottom line of every business decision I will be involved in.

I hereby pledge to respect the contents of this oath, signed July 30, 2015.