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Invited Speakers

tuure Keynote Speaker:
 Dr. Tuure Tuunanen

Title“Design Science Research: Theory Ingrained Artifact and Deriving Theories from Artifact”

Abstract: During the last 25 years, design science research (DSR) has evolved into one of the accepted ways of conducting research and developing theories within information systems (IS) research community in addition to the quantitative and qualitative research approaches. The foundations of the DSR movement are in the history of the IS discipline itself, which builds on operations management and research, management science, computer science, and engineering studies.
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pictureblair-013-4Keynote Speaker: Dr. Blair Feltmate

Title: “Un-Natural Alliances: Financial and Ecological Expertise Must Align to Address the Contagion of Climate Change”

Abstract: As a consequence of climate change, extreme weather events are on the rise — from floods, to droughts, wind, hail and fires.  To date, means to adapt to these events have largely been considered in “professional isolation”, by those with either scientific backgrounds, or others working in business, the capital markets, or the legal profession.  This presentation will focus on the need for these seemingly disparate entities to cooperate to address the climate file, as each brings to the solution matrix a unique and necessary skill that will ultimately serve the collective good.  In the absence of creating such un-natural alliances, climate change and extreme weather events will not be meaningfully addressed.
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Keynscreen%20shot%202016-03-20%20at%2015-33-04ote Speaker: Dr. Jyrki Wallenius

Title: A Voting Advice Model and Its Application to Parliamentary Elections in Finland Jyrki Wallenius, Aalto University School of Business

Abstract: Voting Advice Applications (VAAs) are online decision support systems that try to match voters with political parties or candidates in elections, typically based on how each responds to a number of policy issue statements. Such VAAs play a major role in many countries. In this keynote, I will describe the development and large-scale application of a new innovative matching algorithm for the most widely used VAA in Finland. The work is joint with Tommi Pajala, Pekka Korhonen, Pekka Malo, Aalto University School of Business, Ankur Sinha, Indian Institute of Management, and Akram Dehnokhalaji, Kharazmi University, Iran. Read more >


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jack Kitts

Title: Sustainable Healthcare systems

Bio: Dr. Jack Kitts is President and CEO of the Ottawa Hospital. He received his medical degree from the University of Ottawa in 1980. After interning at the University of Toronto, he completed a three year tour as a medical officer in the Canadian Forces before returning to the University of Ottawa to complete specialty training in anesthesia in 1987. He spent one year as a research fellow at the University of California in San Francisco.  Dr. Kitts then joined the medical staff at the Ottawa Civic Hospital as an anesthesiologist and Research Director for the Department of Anesthesia.  In 1992 he led the development of the hospital’s Preoperative Assessment Clinic which became a model for subsequent clinics, both nationally and internationally. He also became its first Medical Director. In 1995 he was appointed Chief of Anesthesia at the Ottawa Civic Hospital and Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. Read more >