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October 18, 2017. Monika Jasinska successfully defended her master’s thesis titled Project Management Practices in Small Projects: Five cases in a Canadian Hospital Setting. You did a great job Monika! Muriel Mignerat and I were very proud to supervise you.

Ron Turner and François Chiocchio on September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017. I has happy to meet with Ron Turner (photo) and his colleague Tracie Smith at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center. I was there with Jacinthe Savard and Katrine Sauvé-Schenk to deliver a workshop on active offer to managers. The pilot study is under way!

August 10, 2017. A Twitter account for the research chair is launched. Its handle (@ISM_Services) uses the acronym of the funder of the research chair (i.e., Institut du Savoir Montfort) and the key word that describes the Chair (i.e., Services) which is spelled the same way in French and in English.

July 28, 2017. Launch of this web site!

Ivy Bourgeault, François Chiocchio and Craig Kuziemsky on May 30 2017

Ivy Bourgeault, François Chiocchio and Craig Kuziemsky on May 30, 2017

May 30, 2017. The Telfer School of Management held a panel discussion featuring the school’s three research chairs in healthcare, including this one! The panel was moderated by Dr. Ken Farion of the Faculty of Medicine and the CHEO Research Institute. Healthcare for Millennials: Opportunities and Challenges brought together an audience of approximately 80 healthcare professionals, students and researchers.

May 10, 2017. The job posting for the postdoctoral researcher position is up! I am looking forward to meet as many candidates as possible.

April 20, 2017. I attended the McGill forum on health to share on implementation sciences.

April 12, 2017. Today we held a collaborative consultation sponsored by CNFS. The goal was to set up the research agenda on access to healhcare for members of francophone minorities. Thanks to all the participants!

April 6, 2017. I was part of a panel discussing Teamwork in a Digital Economy. The moderator was Tim Lougheed, President, Canadian Science Writers’ Association. I shared the stage with Magda Donia, Assistant Professor at Telfer School of Management, Amir Rahnema, Global Organization Design Leader, Deloitte Canada, and a coauthor of Deloitte annual’s report on human capital trends in Canada, andRandy Giffen, MD, Healthcare Solution Architect, IBM Canada. I discussed teamwork and technology from the perspective of the organization of health services.

January 24, 2017. There was quite a buzz at Montfort Hospital and at the Telfer School of Management for the launch of the Chair. Exciting day! My Chair and Pascal Imbeault’s (on Physical and Mental Comorbidities) were launched simultaneously. Diana Koszychi’s Chair is operating since 2012. We were all celebrating today.

Pascal Imbeault, Diana Koszycki and François Chiocchio on January 24, 2017.

Pascal Imbeault, Diana Koszycki and François Chiocchio on January 24, 2017