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Students interested in research

Undergraduate and graduate students are essential to the success of researchers and a Research Chair.

Undergraduate 1

Students currently in an undergraduate program interested in research have the opportunity to become part of my team and become familiar with the basics of research. This is a great way to connect with research “pros” and to participate in formative research activities. These activities look very good in a curriculum vitae and are a stepping stone to the future stages of your academic and professional career. There are many opportunities to get going with research. For example, I give $500 research awards. Various “Directed Readings” classes are available where students and professors collaborate on a study. Also the University of Ottawa has the UROP program where students receive $1,000 award.

Undergraduate students interested in a research internship under my supervision are asked to send me
an email with a curriculum vitae and a motivational essay of about one 200 words describing their general interest for research.

Master’s degree (MSc) 1

Students who aspire to graduate school and begin a master’s degree must demonstrate voracious curiosity and a strong desire to learn. These qualities take shape in a research project that involves students gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data based on a research question or hypothesis. The Telfer School of Management has two degrees: MSc HS – Master of Science in Health Systems and MSc Management – Master of Science in Management.

Students who would like to do a Master’s degree under my supervision are asked to send me an email with a curriculum vitae, a transcript and a motivational essay of about 400 words that describes the research questions they are interested in and how the answers to these questions will contribute to the research program.

Doctorate degree (PhD)1

Students seeking doctoral studies will have to put a lot of effort into a long* -term research project. In addition to curiosity and a desire to learn, the success of doctoral students requires resilience and tolerance for the natural ambiguity that characterizes high-level research. The Telfer School of Management has a PhD in Management program.

Students who wish to do a PhD under my supervision must send me an email with a curriculum vitae, a transcript and a motivation text of 600 words. This text will have to demonstrate a strong link between the planned research, the expected results and the research program. In addition, the text should explain – by including a short review of scientific literature – how the expected results will contribute more broadly to the advancement of knowledge.


1 Keep in mind that my agreement to work with a student does not constitute acceptance in any program — students still need to apply.