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eWork-terms are a student stipend program funded as part of the University of Ottawa – Capital Entrepreneurs  Campus Linked Accelerator (CLA) program to help student entrepreneurs move their businesses forward.  eWork-terms provide up to one semester support (a maximum of $7,500) per student where 2/3’s of the funding comes from the OCE-CLA program (max $5,000). The remaining 1/3 of the funds must be secured from non-Ontario government programs, competitions or other funding.

Please contact for more information.

RBC Entrepreneurship Co-op Program

The RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program will set the standard when it comes to helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. RBC’s investment of $450,000 over three years will provide significant new opportunities for entrepreneurially-minded CO-OP students. It will allow them to test ideas and learn the myriad skills needed to get a business off the ground and either graduate to running a full-fledged operation or take part in further incubation programs.

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