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 ADM 4903 New Venture Creation in Practicum (3 units)

This is a work term during which the student is expected to be directly involved in an innovative new enterprise in an entry-level management position. This includes, but is not limited to, working with an entrepreneur to create or launch a new product or service, working with a spin-off firm of a large organization, developing a business plan for a small or non-profit enterprise, or designing a novel government program within a government department or agency. This paid or voluntary practicum must be supervised by a Professor. Students must work at least one day (8 hours) per week for one semester. At the end of the practicum, students must submit a written paper and will receive a grade of S (satisfactory) or NS (not satisfactory).

ADM 3396 Entrepreneurship Foundry (3 units)

Entrepreneurship Foundry (ADM3396) is a Telfer-led course and cross-campus initiative that allows you to grow your business venture in a for-credit 13-week long course. Students must deliver presentations and submit a written paper and will receive a grade of S (satisfactory) or NS (not satisfactory).



ADM 2313 The Entrepreneurial Society (3 units)

The entrepreneurial process and characteristics of the entrepreneur; social entrepreneurship; intrapreneurship; women and minorities in entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial failure; entrepreneurship as an economic development strategy and resulting programs and policies; steps in moving entrepreneurial endeavors forward; introduction to ideation and business planning.

ADM 3313 New Venture Creation (3 units)

Ideation, business modeling and validation; the business planning process, including: market evaluation and the marketing plan, physical, human resources and organizational planning, and the financial plan. Student projects in moving an actual business concept through the process from idea to plan, including: crafting a business idea; building a business model; implementing a validation plan; and, writing a business plan.

ADM3396 Entrepreneurship Foundry (3units)

The Entrepreneurship Foundry course (ADM3396) is a cross-campus initiative that leverages University and community resources to help you grow your business venture in a for-credit 13-week long course. This course lets you earn credits while working on your existing business or social enterprise (not just an idea), acting as an accelerator for your entrepreneurial venture.

ADM 4315 Strategic Entrepreneurship (3 units)

Strategic entrepreneurship, encompassing entrepreneurship in existing large and small firms and in not-for-profit organisations. Strategic entrepreneurship emphasises simultaneity in opportunity-seeking behaviours – supported by entrepreneurial leadership and an entrepreneurial culture – and advantage-seeking behaviours – supported by strategic management of resources.

ADM 4316 Management of Innovation (3 units)

The Innovation process, from discovery to diffusion; intellectual property, innovation financing, organization design and strategy for innovation. Successful frameworks, strategies, funding techniques, business models, risks, and barriers for introducing break-through products and services.

ADM 6394/ADM 4396Q Advising Family Business (3 units)

In this MBA-BCom cross-listed course, students will examine some of the most salient issues facing family businesses from the perspective of a professional advisor.  Case studies will be used to demonstrate how to address fundamental challenges facing family businesses (e.g. communication, governance and succession issues, family conflicts) with best practices. Moreover, guest speakers who are family business advisors or family business members will share their unique experiences relative to working with, or in, family businesses. The course will be highly interactive and student teams consisting of MBA and B.COM students will be encouraged to discuss how to best address the weaknesses of family firms while simultaneously building their strengths.


Our newly launched complementary option in entrepreneurship is designed to help you develop skills that are necessary to contribute to a new venture creation, a high growth enterprise, or an innovative existing organization.


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