MBA Games 2021

Event Finished on : 09 January 2021 | 12:00 AM

Laval University

2325 Rue de l'Université

Québec, QC G1V 0A6,


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We know that you are busy enough already – so here is one more thing for you to do. Join the Telfer MBA Games Team!

The question you’re probably asking right now: Why?

Because it will be awesome. What else do you need to know? 2020 has been a drag. Here is a chance to do something fun with your MBA colleagues.
Let’s put it another way: this may be one of the few social events we are going to have together with everyone. This may be your best opportunity to meet new people in the MBA this year. Students in the intensive program.
It’s going to be a long winter. You’ve already watched everything on Netflix. Do something fun with your classmates! Sign up using REGISTER button here or below.

Where and when are the MBA Games?

The 2021 MBA Games are at the Université de Laval. But it’s 2020/2021, so of course the MBA Games are online. They will take place on the 9-10 of January 2021. But … preparation, planning, and logging our miles gets started right away. Visit MBA Games 2021 official website to get more info!

What do we have to do?

We are going to run (a lot). We are going to dance (not kidding). And, we’re going to compete in a case competition with some of the best MBA minds across the country. Also, did I mention, we’re going to dance?
You don’t have to compete in all of the events. You can pick the ones that work for you.

There are three events:

  • Athletics: You will record your walking/running with Strava starting 12 October and continuing to 4 December.
  • Spirit: We’re going to make a dance video. I’m not kidding. Absolutely no dance skills or training are required. In fact, the worse you are the better. This will be really good if you have kids who need to be more embarrassed to be related to you.
  • Academics: We’re going to compete in a case-study competition, showing off our strategic brilliance and raw creativity, and our incredible skills with Microsoft Word.

Who do we need?

We need everyone, of course! But we especially need:

  • An athletics captain: We’re not looking for the fastest. We’re not looking for the fittest. We’re looking for a leader who can get people moving, whatever their pace may be. It’s all about the miles (Km’s), not how fast you do them!
  • A spirit captain: We need someone who is creative, fearless, and ideally also completely shameless. It will help to know:
    • A choreographer
    • A video editor
  • A case study captain: We need someone who can simplify complexity, clarify obscurity, and sell water to the Ocean. Is this you?

But I’m not good at any of these!

That doesn’t matter. Show up anyway and celebrate your mediocrity! Someone has to be in the middle. That was me on every car ride being poked by siblings on both sides. Own that middle!
What we need you to do is show up, have fun, and try something new. None of us are doing an MBA for more of the same. We’re all here to try something new. Give it a shake with the MBA Games.

Wow! Sounds Amazing! But I have few other questions???

Buzz OR Ping OR E-Meet our Games Co-Directors for any queries:

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