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Facilitator → François Chiocchio [PhD-PMP-CHRL] Biography et curriculum vitae
When → 1 décembre 2017 de 13h00 à 15h00
Where → Hôpital Montfort, 713 Montreal Rd - Ottawa (ON) K1K0T2 – Auditorium 1D211A 
Registration → Invitation only

Researchers Jalila Jbilou, Marie-Hélène Chomienne, Paul Greenman and Jean Grenier are collaborating on the Mind the Heart action research project. The project focuses on the development and implementation of a new care service for men who have experienced a cardiac event. The service consists of combining psychotherapeutic care with post-operative rehabilitation care. This combination aims to support men in a more holistic way as studies suggest that concomitant mental health problems or those caused by a cardiac episode are detrimental to patient recovery. However, despite the relevance of this holistic approach, the impact of the new service depends on its sustainable implementation in hospital and community settings. And sustainable implementation is a challenge in itself. It is in this context that I will have the opportunity to facilitate a workshop that will be held during a day of reflection bringing together decision makers, managers, physicians, health professionals and other stakeholders, and of course patients.  I will build on my work on interprofessional collaboration, project management and change implementation to empower care givers to sustainably integrate the new service into their respective environments.

At the end of the workshop the participants will have

  • a list of levers and obstacles to the implementation of the new care service;
  • a list of levers and obstacles to the sustainability of the service following its implementation;
  • a list of concrete actions that stakeholders can undertake to strengthen the levers and remove the obstacles.

Download the slides.

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