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Logo sshrc-crsh-canadaThe integration of “patient partners” into innovation project teams is an important objective to achieve in order to improve the efficiency, and ensure the innovation potential, of project teams in the health system. An innovation project team relies on the diversity of its members to achieve its objectives, and this is not possible without the full participation of all team members, regardless of professional affiliations and status differences. This project focuses on understanding the psycho-social and organizational processes that allow each member of an innovation project team to function optimally and contribute fully. The main objective of our study is to describe, explain and understand the integration process of “patient partners” in innovation project teams and our secondary objectives are: (A) Describe the integration process, (B) understand the strategies used to optimize the achievement of the team’s objectives, and (C) propose a typology of the requirements/resources of the collaboration to accomplish the roles of all. The objectives will be achieved through longitudinal mixed-method research (i.e. mainly qualitative but supported by quantitative) carried out in two phases with interprofessional health teams where a “partner patient” is inserted to foster innovation. In the first phase, retrospective inductive interviews will be carried out with teams that already have a patient partner. This phase will inform the second inductive and deductive phase where interviews and questionnaires will be used longitudinally with projects that are starting. In each phase, 10 teams will be called upon and data will be collected from different sources, namely the “patient partner” and two additional members (doctors, nurses, etc.). This project has received SSHRC funding of $95,681 for the 2022-2024 period.



This project complies with the ethical rules for research involving human subjects.

  • Montfort Hospital Ethics Research Board | Certificate No (à venir) valid until (à venir).




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Principal Invistigator

François Durand, Université d’Ottawa, École de gestion Telfer


Pascaline Kamning Tala, Université d’Ottawa, Institut du savoir Montort
Isabelle Gaboury, Université de Sherbrooke


Francine Tremblay, Hôpital Montfort
Chantal St-Cyr, Hôpital Montfort

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