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The Project

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This project aims at identifying and analyzing factors related to the demand and supply sides that create and diversify market opportunities; understand and determine the relationship between OF distribution channels and institutional strategies; and consumers’ trust orientations and variations. This website is used as a communication interface to share information with the academic/business public and […]

Le bio est-il meilleur?

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Grignoter des chips biologiques n’est pas bon pour la santé. Mais est-ce meilleur que de manger des chips ordinaires, d’un point de vue nutritif, environnemental et éthique?

Organic Food Distribution Margin Structure

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The organic food distribution system is very complex, and it tends to echo the conventional system in terms of the size and distribution of margin within value chains.   There are effectively three distribution chains of increasing efficiency at work in the organic food system, culminating in three types of retail. As in any distribution structure, […]

Le bio rattrapé par la crise économique

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Ce secteur marque le pas affichant un taux de croissance compris entre 5 et 8%, contre 10 à 20% sur la période 2006-2010. Même le marché est affecté par la crise économique. En effet selon une étude du cabinet Xerfi publiée ce lundi, le marché alimentaire bio va croître moins vite dans les prochaines années. Principale raison: […]

Attempted drive-by smear

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When all else fails, throw mud at the wall and see if something sticks. This is the M.O. of the Cornucopia Institute. Instead of responding to the charge that they’re not really looking out for domestic organic farmers, the George-Soros-funded activists who “fly desks” at the offices of Cornucopia have decided instead to do a drive-by smear. […]

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