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The TCF launched in September of 2015 and is now set to start its fourth year of operation. The demand for a student managed investment fund (SMIF) had been high for many years at the Telfer School of Management. In the Fall of 2014, one of the main objectives of Telfer and it’s International Advisory Board was to make this a reality as soon as possible. With the help of the Dean’s International Advisory Board, Faculty, and several keen students, the Manager of the Financial Research and Learning Lab, began to research SMIF’s at schools throughout Canada and the United States. Using research that was uncovered and a best practices approach, a Terms of Reference and Program was drafted after going through many iterations.

The next step was to recruit the inaugural team that would run the TCF and find funding for the initial seed capital. Using a two weekend recruitment and training camp, a team of Analyst’s and PM’s were selected to manage the fund as of September of 2016. The initial seed capital came from both the Telfer School of Management and major contributions from our alumni.

In September of 2015, the fund launched with $60,000 in seed capital with commitments of another $50,000 in September of 2016. The goal of the TCF is to always obtain an additional $50,000 in new funds each year so that students can mimic a real fund with inflows and new decisions to be made.

During the Fall of 2015, the inaugural team lead by its initial PM Leaders (Tyson Rigg and Daniel Shannon) began researching, valuing and pitching companies which would create our initial portfolio. The initial investments were made early 2016 and the fund is now fully operational.

The TCF and all its members welcomes a profitable fourth year of operations in 2018!


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