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The Board of Advisors consists of up-to 5 standing members from various backgrounds with voting rights as well as 4 ex-officio members without voting rights and meet semi-annually (beginning and end of year). The advisors, with the exception of President, Fund Director and Faculty Supervisor and uOttawa Pension and Treasuries Representative (ex-officio members), will be selected through nomination and be appointed for a two-year term. An Annual General Meeting will be held each year to fill vacant positions and/or (re)nominate advisors. The main responsibilities of the advisors will be as follows:

  • Policy, program and fund oversight
  • Set/modify the objective of the TCF
  • Approving TCF Policy and changes
  • Approving annual reports
  • Growth of the TCF
  • Deal with implementation issues and things that the group/fund needs guidance on
  • Selection of Investment Committee

The Board of Advisors is constructed as follows:

  • Non-Voting Members at Large (3)
    • Ex-officio Members
      • Chair/President of the TCF- Dean of Telfer School of Management
      • Fund Director
      • Faculty Supervisor
      • University of Ottawa Treasury and Pension Fund Office Representative
  • Standing Members with Voting Rights (5)
    • Industry experts which may include a combination of
      • Members based on diverse background and knowledge they can bring
      • Program Alumni

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