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Along with the Board of Advisors, there is an Investment Committee to support trading, investment decisions, and in order to have more direct contact with the students in the program. All committee members will have voting rights. Standing Members will be nominated and selected by the Board of Advisors based on skills and availability each year for a 2 year term. The term of the committee member can be renewed annually for a maximum of 6 years with board agreement and will have priority over new members. Ex-Officio Members will always consist of the Fund Director and Faculty Supervisor at the time. The Investment Committee will meet twice per semester and their role and responsibilities is as follows:

  • Attend presentations by students:
    • Students explain and defend their investment decisions in the past two months
    • Report results of the previous two months
    • Revisit past decisions and provide any necessary updates
  • Help with TCF Policy adherence and provide recommendations for changes as needed
    • Final changes must be approved by the Board of Advisors
  • Mentorship to the TCF portfolio managers and analysts
  • Provide portfolio guidance
  • Make decisions on disciplinary items

The Investment Committee will be constructed as follows:

  • Ex-Officio Members
    • Fund Director
    • Faculty Supervisor
  • Standing Members (up to 7)
    • Industry Experts (2)
    • Investment Professionals (4)
    • Program Alumni (1) (when available)

*While members are not making and investment decisions or providing specific recommendations, they are entitled to be indemnification from any object of litigation stemming from their activities on behalf of the Telfer Capital Fund, and any costs that they might bear as a result of such litigation with the exception of dishonest, malicious, fraudulent or criminal activities.

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