Mental health human rights case leads to biggest discrimination payout in Canadian history

I just read a touching story of a Canadian man who revealed that he suffered from depression during a job interview with Transport Canada years ago. He was not given the job and was seemingly blacklisted from similar jobs thereafter. His depression worsened, preventing him from holding or seeking employment. He was forced into poverty […]

Phase 1 interviews providing important insights

With only a few interviews done so far, our participants are providing us with important and very useful insights. We are learning how their particular mental health challenge evolved over time, how their work experiences triggered or aggravated their challenge, and the specific role that others at work, especially superiors, played in helping or hindering […]

Mental health awareness campaigns of little value?

In a recent Globe and Mail article, Philip Moscovitch describes the limited value and potential counter-productive effect of mental health awareness campaigns, such as Bell’s annual Let’s Talk Day. I see his point, and agree that such campaigns can barely scratch the surface of what is needed (such as concrete actions in workplaces) to actually help […]

Phase 1 of “Mental Health Disclosure” project now under way!

Having received university ethics approval, we have begun Phase 1 of our five-year research project. We will be interviewing individuals employed full-time who have recently had (or currently have) a mental health challenge, such as depression or anxiety. Our goal is to better understand how they have tried to manage their struggle while at work. […]