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Visiting Researcher

The goal of the SMRG Visiting Researcher position is to support the development of collaborative research between a Telfer researcher or a research team at the Telfer School of Management and internationally renowned researchers.

The objectives of the SMRG Visiting Researcher position are to

Applications must be submitted by a Telfer researcher or research team and fall within the framework of their research program. The visit may be at the design, initiation or implementation stage of a research program.

PLEASE NOTE ***If you are not requesting SMRG funding, you do not need to fill out the application.  Please send an email to with information about the visiting researcher and CV.


The lead investigator may not receive more than one SMRG Visiting Researcher grant in any given academic year.

Holding multiple grants as lead investigator or co-investigator: Applicants who already receive funding (from Canadian agencies, SMRG funds, for example) must explain the links between the projects and the lack of overlap. When applicants already receive funding, they must justify the relevance of the SMRG grant application to highlight the continuity and/or existing links between the funded research projects and the SMRG application. Applicants who have submitted research funding proposals and are waiting competition results must justify the relevance of the SMRG grant application to highlight the continuity and/or existing links between the research proposal and the SMRG application. A SMRG research grant may not support in whole or in part a research project that is already funded or under evaluation by another funding agency.

The original funding period of a SMRG Visiting Researcher grant may be modified only in exceptional circumstances. The request for such a modification must be made to the Research Office, who shall make assessments on a case-by-case basis.

This grant is not intended for pedagogical purposes.

The number of grants may vary from one financial year to another depending on the availability of funds.


Visit Requirements

The length of the visit must be between 2 and 8 weeks, preferably during the fall, winter or spring semesters to maximize the impact on the education of students registered in graduate research programs and to ensure interaction with professors and researchers at the Telfer School of Management. The stay may not be divided into two visits.

The Telfer School of Management shall provide a maximum of $6,000 for a visit to cover travel and hospitality expenses. Researchers or research teams may seek other eligible funding to support the visiting researcher.

The Telfer School of Management shall provide internet connection and supplies, as well as access to the main library to the visiting researcher.  Office space is limited so the Research Office will try to fulfil this request, but there is no guarantee. The Telfer School of Management shall also be responsible for sending the letter of invitation and directing the visiting researcher to the Canadian embassy or consulate in his or her country for information about visa requirements.

Eligible Expenses

Funding covers the following expenses: economy-class return plane ticket, local transportation, accommodation, cost of a visa and other fees to enter Canada, and living allowance for the length of the stay in Ottawa. The visiting researcher’s salary is paid by the home institution.

The payment of an honorarium is not allowed under any circumstance, nor may the funding be used to purchase software or any type of equipment. The purchase of health insurance is the responsibility of the visiting researcher. Use of the funding is subject to rules governing the eligibility of travel expenses as established by the University of Ottawa.



No later than one month following the visit, the lead investigator must submit a short report explaining how the application objectives have been realized. If all the objectives have not been achieved, the lead investigator must justify the situation in the report. The report results will have a significant impact on future decisions regarding visiting researcher positions.

Any publications, presentations or events made possible by a SMRG grant must explicitly acknowledge the support of the Telfer School of Management.


Application Procedure

Applications must be submitted to the Research Office through the SMRG portal:

Applications must include the following:


Evaluation Criteria

Visiting student – The student should register through uOttawa’s Visiting Student Researcher Program .

For inquiries, please contact the Research Office, at the Telfer School of Management.

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