Telfer School of Management University of Ottawa

MSc Graduate Student Conference Travel Support

This travel grant is available to Telfer MSc students and DTI students supervised by Telfer professors starting in the 2nd year of their program. The grant supports the presentation of MSc research findings at a recognized academic conference that use a peer-review system to adjudicate the submissions.

The total amount available per student is $1200 for Telfer students and $400 for DTI students (DTI students can receive additional funding from the Engineering faculty), to present their work at a one pre-approved conference. The thesis supervisor must approve the use of these funds for travel and sign the application form.

Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the availability of funds.

No exceptions will be made to the terms outlined in the description of this grant

Presenting at a Conference:


  1. BEFORE THE TRAVEL, complete the Telfer School of Management Travel Fund for Masters Students application in the SMRG portal, attaching all required documents (abstract, confirmation of acceptance and copies of travel fund requests to GSAED or others).  You may need to create a user account, just be sure to indicate that you are a student from the drop- down menu.
  2. Once a verification of your application is conducted, you will receive a confirmation letter from the Research Facilitator stating the response to your application (favorable or unfavorable).
  3. If your travel request is approved, a copy of this letter will be sent to your thesis supervisor and the School’s Administrative Officer. You will receive information from Kathy Cunningham ( ) related to the next steps to take and your reimbursement.


Apply for this grant