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The Telfer School of Management’s Capital Markets Program (CMP) is a two-year development program in which admitted students will be managing donated/endowed assets (the Telfer Capital Fund) with the aim to select and manage securities in a portfolio comprised of publicly traded Canadian corporations. Working in teams, students will form a portfolio from major sectors in the Canadian markets, create, value, and oversee a portfolio, applying analytical tools in portfolio management. They will also develop tools for, and perform, risk analysis at a security and portfolio level and present and defend analyses to internal and external advisors to the course.

Capital Markets Program

Throughout the two-year program you will:

  • Enroll in a 3rd year ADM elective and receive 3 units towards your degree;
  • Participate in workshops facilitated by senior level financial services professionals at the big six banks, holding companies, as well as crown corporations located in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto to develop your network and your knowledge of the financial services industry;
  • Gain practical experience within the investment and case competition environments;
  • Receive individualized mentorship from senior professionals working in capital markets;
  • Discover the culture of the high finance industry, and securing the knowledge necessary to perform well in the recruitment process.

Program structure

Year 1 (3rd-year students) Year 2 (4th-year students)
  • Enrolled in ADM 3396 Seminar in
    Administration Applied Equity Valuation and
    Investment Analysis (3 units) (fall 2018)
  • Capital Fund Management with 4th year students
  • Presentations and workshops with industry professionals
  • Trip to Toronto (during fall reading week)
  • Presentations and workshops with industry professionals
  • Capital Fund Management with 3rd year students
  • Formal mentorship from industry professionals
  • Trip to Toronto (during fall reading week)

The TCF is hands-on component of the Capital Markets Program (CMP). By continuing to evolve the CMP program we will be able to enhance the existing departmental offering and continue to provide students with workshops, mentorship and a launchpad for their careers. As such, the TCF is strictly educational and academic in nature and all investment decisions must follow this guideline at its core. While investment and return objectives exist, students are to seek alpha in a responsible manner which is consistent with the educational nature of the fund.

The first 0.5 year of the CMP program will be used to train students to become analysts in the TCF for the start of the winter session. The TCF portion of CMP will be set as a two-year intensive program where students start as Junior Analysts and progress to Portfolio Managers.

TCF Objective

The TCF has two separate objectives. The first which is outlined below is an objective that pertains to the educational program that has been developed for the TCF. The second objective which appears in the TCF Policy (Section 3) pertains to the investment objective of the TCF.

“The purpose of the Telfer Capital Fund is to allow select elite students in the CMP program to create and manage, for educational purposes, a diversified portfolio for the Telfer School of Management. The Telfer Capital Fund will provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop their portfolio management and finance skills in an educational environment so they are better prepared for positions in finance and the capital markets. The end goal of the TCF will be to provide an avenue to help support and fund the maintenance and resource expansion of the Financial Research and Learning Lab.”

New CMP Program Timeline

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