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Objectives of the MHAAA

In December 2005, the MHAAA Executive Team held a strategic planning session where we reaffirmed our mission and work plan for this upcoming year.

Four specific objectives were identified:

  • Promote collegiality and communication amongst the MHA Alumni graduates, students and staff;
  • Provide advice, support and recommendations to the Faculty of the MHA Program;
  • Promote and recognize students demonstrating excellence in health leadership;
  • Create opportunities for professional development and for lifelong continuous learning.

Key Projects

  • Meet fundraising commitments for the MHAAA/CHA Award of Excellence and the MHAAA/Jack Kitts Scholarship
  • Provide advocacy and support for MHA program and School of Management via executives in residence, participation on advisory boards etc.
  • Develop and commence formal meetings of our Toronto Chapter
  • Produce a quarterly newsletter to improve communication amongst alumni and promote awareness of the MHAAA
  • Build a chapter website to promote the association, newsletter, events and improve contact with Alumni
  • Hold an Annual General Meeting to review activities and improve accountability
  • Coordinate a major public event to improve awareness about the MHA Program
  • Build a stronger partnership with CCHSE to co-promote activities, improve marketing efficiency and improve communication between the two organizations
  • Improve our relationship with students through a mentoring program and graduation day activities.

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