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There are many impactful opportunities to support the Telfer School, and we invite you to learn more here.

Traditionally the Telfer MHA Alumni Association raises funds towards the six scholarship funds listed below. We hope that you will join us in supporting these funds and give generously. However, please give to whatever area matters most to you.

List of Scholarships and Awards (vous trouverez la liste en français ci-bas)

The purpose is to support an outstanding Telfer School of Management MHA Student who demonstrates a passion for healthcare and who is making a difference as a health services professional by improving patient care and contributing to the overall sustainability of the health care system. (

The purpose is to support incoming MHA students who demonstrate a commitment to leadership, community involvement and excellence in athletics. ( )

To award an annual prize to an outstanding MHA student or group of students upon the presentation of the Health Care Management Field Project completed within the MHA Program. (

To reward demonstrated excellence by a student in international health studies during the Masters of Health Administration Program, at the Telfer School of Management, while honouring Michel Bilodeau’s outstanding career in healthcare. ( )

The goal of the Michel Lalonde MHA scholarship is to recognize a student in the MHA program who exhibits exceptional leadership qualities manifested through academic excellence and engagement in extracurricular activities. (

To provide an admission scholarship to attract a top candidate to the Masters of Health Administration (MHA) program at the Telfer School of Management. This candidate must demonstrate excellence and leadership and is expected to go on to make a valuable contribution to the public sector, especially in the realm of health care. ( )


Voici la liste des bourses d’études de la MGSS et pour faire votre don en ligne :

Bourse commémorative Laurie-Strano en MGSS

Bourse d’admission John-A.-King en gestion des services de santé

Bourse de leadership en santé de l’Association des diplômés de la MGSS

Bourse de MGSS Michel-Lalonde

Bourse de MGSS Ron-Sapsford pour le leadership en soins de santé

Prix Michel-Bilodeau MGSS

Pour plus de renseignements, communiquez avec Roxanne Chénier, agente de développement à l’École Telfer au 613-562-5800, poste 4760 ou

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