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An interdisciplinary team of University of Ottawa professors from the Telfer School, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Law, has been working on a research study, commissioned by former Nortel executives, to find out what went wrong with Nortel with an objective of learning from Nortel’s failure. The study was released on March 17, 2014.

The research group interviewed close to 50% of all Nortel officers and Nortel Fellows from 1996 to January 2009, as identified in annual reports. They interviewed many key customers, competitors and partners in Canada, the United States and Europe, as well as politicians and government officers, leading industry consultants, Nortel knowledgeable journalists, academics involved with Nortel and most major competitors. This research study started in November 2011 strongly focused on learning from those who would have the best knowledge on factors that contributed to the downfall of Nortel Networks.

Nortel timeline – How Could This Have Happened?


An overview of the demise of Nortel Networks and key lessons learned

Press Release

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