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MBA Alumni Association’s (MBAAA) Vision Statement

The MBA Alumni Association aims to be a leading Alumni Association for a highly-accredited and internationally-renowned MBA Program.

MBAAA’s Mission Statement

The MBA Alumni Association is comprised of business, government, and community leaders committed to excellence, integrity and innovation.  The Association exists to enhance the value of the Telfer MBA program by strengthening the bond between alumni, the Telfer School of Management, and students. The MBAAA recognizes that by fostering strong relationships among our partners it shall: – Enhance the reputation of the Telfer MBA program – Promote the professional status of MBA graduates

MBAAA’s Key Values

Four values ​​guide the MBAAA in its mission to increase the value of the MBA program at the Telfer School of Management: A. Support members as they transition through the MBA life cycle B. Provide opportunities for professional networking C. Enable continuing education D. Foster excellence in management

2012-16 Strategic Objectives

1- Alumni Engagement

  1. Increase the number of resources and tools
  2. Provide networking opportunities
  3. Provide continuing learning opportunities
  4. Enhance alumni satisfaction

2- Communication and Visibility

  1. Develop an effective communication strategy
  2. Improve the integrity and completeness of alumni information

3- Alumni Contribution

  1. Increase the number of alumni contributors
  2. Recognize excellence

4- Succession Planning

  1. Establish organization memory
  2. Identify and coach the next generation
  3. Increase the governance education for board members

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