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MBA Alumni Association Excellence Award

With our new strategic plan in place, we have identified several areas of focus to guide our efforts. The pursuit of excellence in management is one of the first areas we have chosen to emphasize. For this reason, we are pleased to announce the creation of a fund for the MBAAA Excellence Award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize the exceptional work of a MBA student or a group of MBA students in the area of social responsibility, sustainable development and business practices, social innovation or ethics and governance. The annual award of $1000 will be given based upon an assignment or project completed as part of a course in the MBA Program.

Our fundraising target for this award is $35 000.

As an alumnus or alumna, you can make a difference and have an impact on the student experience. Please help us reach our goal and to promote excellence in management. We thank you in advance for your support.

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Testimonials from past scholarship award winners

“During my time at the school I was actively involved with the MBASA and participated in as many extra circular activities as I possibly could (allowing myself to occasionally sleep). I felt it was important to maintain a school (work)/life balance while completing my studies, and tried to connect with my peers outside of the classroom on a regular basis. Upon graduating, the Telfer School of Management awarded me with the MBA Student Leadership Award – I was blown away. It was a complete surprise, totally unexpected, and absolutely capped an outstanding year. It felt amazing to be recognized for the extra effort I put in throughout the year. I truly believe you get as much out of the MBA program as you put in – the Telfer MBA program exceeded my expectations on every level, and it was nice that I exceeded the school’s expectations as well. The scholarship award I received was the perfect parting gift. I will continue to give back to the school as I move forward with my career so that other students in my position are offered the same opportunities I received.”

-Student Leadership Award recipient, MBA class of 2012

“While unexpected, it was a great honour to receive a scholarship at the conclusion of my year at Telfer. It was really great to know that all of my hard work throughout the year was noticed and appreciated. Additionally, having a young family, I found the accompanying money really helpful in financially bridging the transition from school back into the workforce.”

-Pier Maurer Scholarship recipient, MBA class of 2012

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