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Research projects involving graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and clinicians conducted under the auspices of Telfer Health Transformation Exchange.

Project title: Collaborative framework between business schools and healthcare organizations for health system transformation

Description: This research looks at health system transformation as a process that requires seeking out new partnerships and fora where industry leaders in business and healthcare can develop a top-down approach with a shared vision, shared best practices through pilots and scaling-up initiatives.

Participants: M. Fung Kee Fung (The Ottawa Hospital), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Fung-Kee-Fung, M., & Michalowski, W. (2019, July). Business school teams up with clinical innovators: An opportunity for health system transformation. In Healthcare management forum (Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 218-223). Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications.

Project title: Predicting long-term outcomes for patients with traumatic spinal cord injury

Description: This research applies Machine Learning methods to establish recovery trajectories for patients who suffered traumatic spinal cord injury. It brings together data about a patient, injury type, surgical intervention and longitudinal data of patient reported outcomes.

Participants: P. Tran Nhut Phan (The Ottawa Hospital), H. Viktor (uOttawa), S. Basiratzadeh (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Project title: Assessing long-term efficacy of knee and hip replacement surgeries

Description: This research applies Machine Learning methods to assess efficacy of hip and knee replacement surgeries using PROMIS data describing patient reported long-term outcomes.

Participants: P. Beaule (The Ottawa Hospital), S. Pitras (The Ottawa Hospital), H. Viktor (uOttawa), P. Vafaie (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Project title: Long-term scheduling of elective surgeries in the resource-constrained environment

Description: This research uses Operations Research methods of stochastic optimization and simulation to create a model for planning elective surgeries over 6 months horizon. It considers such resources as operating rooms availability, personal protective equipment required for each surgery, and impact of long waits on surgical complexity of the patients.

Participants: S. Kingwell (The Ottawa Hospital), A. Saure (uOttawa), K. Volodin (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Project title: Mitigating adverse interactions in therapies of multimorbid patients

Description: This research uses Computer Planning approach to model and mitigate recommendations coming from multiple clinical practice guidelines when applied to the multimorbid patient. It develops MitPlan computer system to implement planning approach to this clinical problem

Participants: M. Carrier (The Ottawa Hospital), M. Michalowski (University of Minnesota), Sz.. Wilk (Poznan University of Technology), M. Rao (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa).

Michalowski, M., Rao, M., Wilk, S., Michalowski, W., & Carrier, M. (2021, June). MitPlan 2.0: Enhanced Support for Multi-morbid Patient Management Using Planning. In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (pp. 276-286). Springer, Cham. 

Project title: Assessing the impact of lung cancer screening regimen on downstream CT imaging resources

Description: This research applies simulation modelling to assess how different screening policies of the patients at risk of developing lung cancer might impact wait times and utilization of the CT resources in the former Champlain Local Health Integration Network area.

Participants: M. Fung Kee Fung (The Ottawa Hospital), N. Landry (uOttawa), A. Saure (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Project title: Predicting post-operative complications of the patients having spine surgery

Description: This research uses Machine Learning methods to assess complication risks for different classes of patients. It also studies attitudes of the surgeons towards support provided by these methods.

Participants: S. Kingwell (The Ottawa Hospital), E. Parimbelli (uOttawa/University of Pavia), Sz. Wilk (Poznan University of Technology), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Reardon, P. M., Parimbelli, E., Wilk, S., Michalowski, W., Murphy, K., Shen, J., … & Kyeremanteng, K. (2019). Incorporating Laboratory Values Into a Machine Learning Model Improves In-Hospital Mortality Predictions After Rapid Response Team Call. Critical care explorations1(7). 

Project title: Predicting chances of in-hospital death for the patients assessed by the rapid response team

Description: This research uses Data Mining and Machine Learning methods to assess chances of a death during hospital stay of the patients who were evaluated by the ICU rapid response team

Participants: K. Kyeremanteng (The Ottawa Hospital), P. Reardon (The Ottawa Hospital), E. Parimbelli (uOttawa/University of Pavia), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Project title: Developing schedules and itineraries for the nurses in home dialysis program

Description: This research uses data analytics methods to create daily itineraries for the nurses visiting home dialysis patients

Participants: J. Graham (The Ottawa Hospital), B. McCormick (The Ottawa Hospital), A. Saure (uOttawa), A. Kandakoglu (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Kandakoglu, A., Sauré, A., Michalowski, W., Aquino, M., Graham, J., & McCormick, B. (2020). A decision support system for home dialysis visit scheduling and nurse routing. Decision Support Systems130, 113224. 

Project title: Assessing “Choosing Wisely” educational initiative to reduce low-acuity pediatric ED visits

Description: This research uses qualitative analysis methods to identify barriers and enablers of physicians’-led educational initiatives

Participants: K. Farion (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario), G. Huyer (uOttawa), S. Chreim (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Huyer, G., Chreim, S., Michalowski, W., & Farion, K. J. (2018). Barriers and enablers to a physician-delivered educational initiative to reduce low-acuity visits to the pediatric emergency department. PloS one13(5), e0198181. 

Project title: Developing computer model capturing dynamics and interactions among members of an interdisciplinary healthcare team

Description: This research uses first order logic and AI methods to model behaviour of a team and to integrate this behaviour with workflow execution engines

Participants: M. Fung Kee Fung (The Ottawa Hospital), M. Carrier (The Ottawa Hospital), P. Andreev (uOttawa), E. Parimbelli (uOttawa/University of Pavia), Sz. Wilk (Poznan University of Technology), D. Amyot (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Wilk, S., Kezadri-Hamiaz, M., Amyot, D., Michalowski, W., Kuziemsky, C., Catal, N., … & Giffen, R. (2020). An ontology-driven framework to support the dynamic formation of an interdisciplinary healthcare team. International journal of medical informatics136, 104075.

Project title: Developing conceptual framework for the Learning Health System

Description: This research creates novel framework that guides design and implementation of a learning system in healthcare organization

Participants: M. Fung Kee Fung (The Ottawa Hospital), L. Lessard (uOttawa), A. Grudniewicz (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa), L. Jones (uOttawa)

Lessard, L., Michalowski, W., Fung-Kee-Fung, M., Jones, L., & Grudniewicz, A. (2017). Architectural frameworks: defining the structures for implementing learning health systems. Implementation Science12(1), 1-11.

Project title: Forecasting need for implants to meet demand of spine surgeries

Description: This research uses data analytics and forecasting methods to predict need for the implants by type, surgical complexity, and volume

Participants: E. Wai (The Ottawa Hospital), A. Saure (uOttawa), A. Kandakoglu (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

Project title: Patient navigation application for lung cancer assessment patients

Description: This research develops mobile application to be used by lung cancer patients who undergo assessments and clinical evaluations

Participants: M. Fung Kee Fung (The Ottawa Hospital), J. Smylie (The Ottawa Hospital), S. Shin (The Ottawa Hospital), S. Chandhoke (uOttawa), A. Grewal (uOttawa), V. Pathak (uOttawa), S. Singh (uOttawa), K. Ziabari (uOttawa), D. Amyot (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa), H. Mouftah (uOttawa)

Project title: Identifying risk of post-surgical complications among the patients with endometrial cancer who underwent hysterectomy

Description: This research uses predictive analytics methods to develop redictive model that establishes postoperative risk of hysterectomy patients

Participants: M. Fung Kee Fung (The Ottawa Hospital), B. Alimohammadi (uOttawa), P. Andreev (uOttawa), W. Michalowski (uOttawa)

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