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THTex has been created to transcend or remove barriers for multi-directional knowledge sharing between clinical and health systems academics, business leaders and industry.

The Exchange was inspired from a desire to:

  • support efficient and effective healthcare service delivery through business innovation
  • exchange ideas, business research and best practices
  • build capacity for healthcare innovation and business management practices through educational programs, both undergraduate and postgraduate

Our work takes place at the interface of business and healthcare, and the collaboration of physicians, academics and business innovators allow us to explore problems and issues regarding healthcare transformation and innovation from many angles.

Our value proposition:

  • Harnessing clinical frontline initiatives and ideas
  • Leveraging innovation/transformation silos
  • Integrating management and clinical domains
  • Mobilizing business, health, and community sectors

We have an academic and applied focus to help us achieve our goals: academic in management research collaborations and generation of new innovative ideas, and applied in the actual process of implementation of the innovations and methodologies created to improve and transform healthcare at local, regional and provincial levels. We also work to engage front line health practitioners in business and health communities to work together towards the common objective of improving patient care and outcomes through a multi-disciplinary approach to transformation.

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