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Thursday, May 25, 2023


8.00-8.30 Registration

8.30-9.00 Welcome speech – Shantanu Dutta, Vice-Dean Research, Telfer School of Management (Camille Villeneuve Room – DMS 4101)

9:00-10.00: Plenary discussion (Camille Villeneuve Room – DMS 4101)

– Sarfraz Mian: Title “The Role of Modern Incubation & Acceleration Mechanisms in Developing Regional Innovation Hubs: Emerging Global Evidence”

– Benson Honig: Title “The Reframery: A Virtual Incubator. Developing entrepreneurial ingenuity for Immigrants and other marginalized persons”

10.00 – 10.30: Coffee Break (Camille Villeneuve Room – DMS 4101)

10.30 – 12.00 – Parallel sessions

Chair Session 1: Andrew Maxwell

Room: DMS 4120

Chair Session 2: Mark Freel

Room: DMS 4130

Chair Session 3: Ajax Persaud

Room: DMS 4170

Chair Session 4: Hien Tran

Room: DMS 4140

Sciences & Tech Entrepreneurship Student Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship & AI Social Entrepreneurship Education

HEIs as Optimal Co-Innovation Partners: pushing entrepreneurial innovation systems to their optimum innovation possibility frontier (Y. Vaillant & E. Lafuente)

The role of student entrepreneurs in the diffusion of academic knowledge (V. Schaeffer & P. Brunner.)

Entrepreneurial Creativity: An Artificial Intelligence-Augmented Cognition Model (Constant D. Beugré)

Unlocking Opportunities Through Education: Examining the Journey of Women in Agriculture Entrepreneurship. (M. Cherni, J. Avila & G. Kotbi)

Evaluating the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps Programming: Driving Technology Commercialization Outcomes through Education (N. Duval-Couetil; A. Huang-Saad & A. Epstein) Digital start-ups: stakeholders’ perceptions of key capabilities to facilitate enduring student entrepreneurship (D. Crick & J. Crick) Start-ups’ Use of Artificial Intelligence: the Montreal Start-up Ecosystem Case Study (M. Frangioni & J. Baronet) Exploring social enterprise as a sustainable solution to promote the employment and digital inclusion of adults with cognitive disabilities. (M. Mignerat; V. Cobigo; F. Bah & M. Tahir)
Scientific entrepreneurship in Quebec: some observations (S. Meddeb & É. St-Jean) Are Entrepreneurship & Innovation Masters Programs Professionalizing Entrepreneurship? (B.Honig & A. El-Kebbi) A Machine Learning Algorithm to Conduct Emotion Analysis in the Context of Entrepreneurial Pitching (W. Lamine , JH. Sarker, A. Ghanmi & S. Biglari) Investigation into the moderating role of social support in renascent entrepreneurship and adaptive resilience for successive ventures (S. Amjed)


12.00 – 1.30: Lunch (Camille Villeneuve Room – DMS 4101)

1.30-2.30: Plenary discussion (Camille Villeneuve Room – DMS 4101)

– Andrew Maxwell: Title “Improving commercialization success rates from university research”

– Alain Fayolle: Title “The impact of entrepreneurship education in higher education: Taking stock and mowing forward”

2.30 – 3.00: Coffee Break (Camille Villeneuve Room – DMS 4101)

3.00 – 5.00 Parallel sessions

Chair Session: Sarfraz Mian

Room DMS 4120

Chair Session: David Crick

Room DMS 4130

Chair Session: Benson Honig

Room DMS 4170

Technology Entrepreneurship Education Innovative Entrepreneurship Gender & Entrepreneurship Education
Instructional Technology or Instructional Core? Educational Entrepreneurship in Historical Perspective (A. Kumar) Role of patenting as an appropriation technique in an open source environment (A. Sharma) Empowering women entrepreneurs in a male-dominated society: The case of Pakistan (M. Khan & J. Chinnasamy)
The IT‐related Education of Start‐up Entrepreneurs and Approaches to Delivery. What is There to Know and Why? (LM. Cloutier; C. Pelletier; M. Kabbaj & É. St-Jean). Social relations in the path of the techno-entrepreneur in the context of entrepreneurial support
(Delpierre T., Niamie YO & Fabiano A.)

The Impact of Gender Role Orientation on Entrepreneurial Intentions: The Case of Students Enrolled in a French National University Pre-Incubation Program. (MA. Ferrero & V. Bessière)
The Interplay of Elements in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (M. Bousaki & W. Lamine) Educators Perspectives of Technology and Entrepreneurship Education in Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth in India. (J. Chinnasamy; M. Khan; P. Karuppusamy & S. O. Oladejo) Examining Role of Gender and Prior Exposure on the Entrepreneurial Attitudes of Rural Omani Students (S.M. Ghouse & O. Durrah)
  A Senior Engineer, Millionaire, and Pizza Deliverer? A Social Entrepreneurship Program for Mid-Career Engineers (Y. Zhao)  

5.00 – 5.30 Closing session (Camille Villeneuve Room – DMS 4101)

19.00 – 22.00 Conference gala dinner – (Camille Villeneuve Room – DMS 4101)

Virtual Sessions

Link :

Virtual Session 1
10.00 – 12.00
Zoom link:

Virtual Session 2
12.00 – 2.00
Zoom link:

Chair Session: Alain Fayolle Chair Session: Michela Loi
Institutional support vs pro-social motivation: a Ph.D. perspective in the entrepreneurial university (M. Opizzi; G. Marras and M. Loi) Role of collaborative public management and disruptions in the complex products and systems industries encompassing the space and renewable energy sectors (R. Hajiyev & V. Paulino)
Using Actor-Network Theory to Examine the Emergence and Development of Entrepreneurial University: The Key role of Non-Human Actors (RG. Rocha; A. Fayolle ; RG. Rodrigues; P. Duarte & A. Paço) Facilitating social interaction to overcome challenges facing the student entrepreneur. (J. Lichy & F. McLeay)
Head, Hands and Heart in sensory entrepreneurship education (R. Klappe) Setting boundaries in Entrepreneurial Coaching: A systematic review against fragmentation and conceptual ambiguity (G. Marras and M. Loi)
Promoting University Intrapreneurship: Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ingenuity and Implications for Social Intrapreneurship (J. Nafari) Social Entrepreneurship – a pathway for potential development of rural areas in Tamil Nadu, India (P. Karuppusamy; J. Chinnasamy, M. Khan & X Guo)

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