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If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies under my supervision, please read the following information.

I supervise students in the following programs:

The students I supervise in these programs pursue research that falls within one of my funded research projects and is aligned with my research interests

If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies under my supervision, please keep in mind that my expertise is anchored in Information Systems Analysis and Design, in particular in relation to the following approaches and topics:

If contacting me to express interest, please make sure to include the following information:

  • Transcripts and academic C.V.
    • Include a publication section, with complete references for each poster/paper/article
  • Which program you are interested in.
    • Make sure to look at that program’s requirements for entry to see if you are eligible. 
  • A 1-page research statement composed of:
    • A description of your experience doing research, including the theories and methods used, the results and research contributions. Make sure to clarify your role and contributions if the projects were done as part of a team or lab.
    • A description of your experience writing or contributing to the writing of ethics applications, grant proposals or academic papers. For prospective PhD students, please note that evidence of prior research experience and publication abilities is a requirement for selection.
    • What kind of research you are interested in pursuing, including potential research problems, goals, methods and desired contributions.
    • How 1 – 3 existing papers or articles support, justify or otherwise relate to your research problems, goals, methods or desired contributions.
    • Why you want to pursue that research with me. Make sure to look at the description of my currently funded research projects, research interests and publications to assess if our interests align and if my expertise is in line with the methods, concepts or theories that are of interest to you.
    • Why you think that your background, interests or accomplishments make you well-suited to pursuing research with me

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