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THTex is proud to announce a new publication in PLOS One by four of our members: Dr. Ken Farion, Professors Samia Chreim and Wojtek Michaloswki, and Greg Huyer, MSc in Health Systems Student at Telfer School of Management.  Congratulations!

Use of the pediatric emergency department (PED) for low-acuity health issues is a growing problem, contributing to overcrowding, longer waits and higher health system costs. This study examines an educational initiative aimed at reducing low-acuity PED visits. The initiative, implemented at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), saw PED physicians share a pamphlet with caregivers to educate them about appropriate PED use and alternatives. Despite early impacts, the initiative was not sustained. This study analyzes the barriers and enablers to physician participation in the initiative and offers strategies to improve implementation and sustainability of similar future initiatives.  This information will help inform behavior change interventions to improve the implementation of similar future initiatives that involve physicians as the primary educators of caregivers.

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