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On October 3, 2017, the Telfer Health Transformation Exchange hosted their second event of the year and were pleased to welcome guest speaker Senator Kevin Ogilvie. The speaker discussed Canada’s current healthcare system situation and presented his assessment of possible ways to improve it.

Senator Ogilvie advocated for systemic changes in the delivery and access to health services, including considering solutions that work in other OECD countries. During the talk, he provided numerous examples to illustrate which parts of the Canadian healthcare system do not work as they should. In conclusion, Senator Ogilvie stated that he is a firm believer in Canada’s ability to transform its healthcare system and that the technological innovation that we witness will be one of the main drivers of this transformation. There was a dynamic discussion from all points of the spectrum of opinions from around 100 participants.

We thank everyone for making this event successful, and we are looking forward to see you in 2018.