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Health care leaders and professionals have been working to make the health care system more agile and integrated. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exposed and accelerated the need for this transformation. Learning health systems (LHS) align science, informatics, incentives and culture for continuous improvement and innovation. They allow health care organizations to share best practices and integrate new knowledge seamlessly.

On May 26, the Telfer Forum, presented by Telfer School of Management, will bring together health systems researchers and health care practitioners to discuss the benefits and challenges of LHS. Telfer Health Transformation Exchange (THTex) Co-Leads, Professor Wojtek Michalowski and Dr. Michael Fung-Kee-Fung, will be joining this panel discussion. Panelists will explain how researchers and practitioners can collaborate to implement LHS in Canadian health care organizations. 

This free online event will be a great opportunity for professionals and researchers interested in learning more about LHS. Members of the THTex are welcome to attend. 

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