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The Telfer School of Management has recently adopted an action plan to operationalize the transition to online teaching and learning.
The following document introduces the key elements of the plan, what is recommended in terms of synchronous and asynchronous teaching. This plan also provides a detailed outline of the pedagogical approaches to consider when teaching online to offer a quality learning experience to students.

Get Started

To help you transition to remote teaching, the Telfer School of Management has created guidelines. Please, review the Quick Start Overview (ppt file).


The Telfer School of Management has developed a Brightspace course template for Telfer instructors. The designs were kept simple and offer limited customization to keep consistency between courses.

By adopting this template, you will help create consistency across Telfer’s online courses, making it easier for students to find important information in predictable places. The template can be imported in part or in full. Instructions on importing the template are below. Read more.

Training & Support

Template Download Link

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