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CBAP Events


Past Events

Government Analytics Network (GAN)
Prioritization of Projects with GAFA-S Model
Presentation by Dr. Omer Livvarcin, Program Manager, Telfer Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership, Consultant and retired Turkish Naval Officer

Introductory Student Analytics Workshops
Data Visualization with Tableau
Instructors: Angela Tyler, Research Coordinator, Centre for Business Analytics and Performance
& Steve Smith, Lecturer in Analytics
October 12, 2017

Introductory Student Analytics Workshops
Watson Analytics
Instructor: Dennis Buttera, Education Lead, IBM Canada
October 5, 2017

Introductory Student Analytics Workshops
Microsoft Power BI
Instructor: Steve Smith, Lecturer in Analytics, Telfer School of Management
September 28, 2017

Government Analytics Network (GAN)
Using Analytics to Drive Program Outcomes: A Case Study
Presentation by Gregory Richards, MBA Program Director and Director of the Centre for Business Analytics and Performance
Towards Regulatory Intelligence
Presentation by Okhaide Akhigbe, Doctoral Candidate in Electronic Business and Part-time Professor, Telfer School of Management
September 27, 2017

Government Analytics Network (GAN)
The other innovation challenge: building capacity to innovate
Presentation by Ed Bernacki, Innovationalist
May 12, 2017

Government Analytics Network (GAN)
Financial Risk, Controls, and Operations
Presentation by David Coderre, CAATS & Part-time Professor at Telfer School of Management
January 30, 2017

Government Analytics Network
Risk Detection with Analytics
Presentation by Grant Woodward, SAS Canada
November 24, 2016

Government Analytics Network
Visualization Best Practices
Presentation by Jack Martin, National Director of Forensic Data Analytics at KPMG
September 28, 2016

Government Analytics Network
Workshop: Machine Learning with Azure
Susan Ibach, Microsoft Canada
May 30, 2016

Analytics Think-Tank

How to Measure (financial) Risk – Mathematical Background and
Statistical Methods
Presentation by Dr. Rafal Kulik, University of Ottawa
April 21, 2016

Government Analytics Network (GAN)
Workshop: Introduction to Tableau
Stephane D’Avril-Favreau
April 12, 2016

Analytics Think-Tank

Harmonizing the Metadata of Climate Datasets
Presentation by Dr. André Vellino, University of Ottawa
March 24, 2016

Analytics Think-Tank

Large scale data generation in molecular biology
Presentation by Dr. Ashkan Golshani, Carleton University
January 25, 2016

Government Analytics Network (GAN)
Workshop: Introduction to Tableau
Stephane D’Avril-Favreau
January 21, 2016

Analytics Think-Tank

Big Data Analytics:  the Age of Social Mining
Presentation by Dr. Marina Sokolova, University of Ottawa
December 8, 2015

Analytics Think-Tank

Class Imbalance and Novelty Detection in Defense and Security: A case study on monitoring threats to public safety using Gamma-ray spectroscopy
Presentation by Dr. Nathalie Japkowicz, University of Ottawa
November 26, 2015

Government Analytics Network
Workshop: Introduction to IBM Watson Analytics
Jason Salares, IBM
November 24, 2015

Special Presentation

Overview of the Economic History and Current Conditions in Turkey Presentation by M. Hakan Cengiz, Councellor of the Turkish Embassy in Ottawa October 2, 2015

Government Analytics Network
Data Analysis and Continuous Audit
Presentation by Ghislaine
Dazé-Bélisle, Manager – Continuous Reviews and Data Analysis, Assistant deputy Minister (Review Services), DND
September 16, 2015

Government Analytics Network
Analytics in Support of Compliance Auditing: Workforce Analytics
Presentation by David Horne, Statistics Canada
une 11, 2015

Analytics Think-Tank

Collective Intelligence and Analytics
Presentation by Professor Pierre Lévy, University of Ottawa
April 8, 2015

Analytics Think-Tank

Analytics, Knowledge and Intelligence (Human and Artificial)
Presentation by Professor John S. Edwards, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, UK
February 18, 2015

Analytics Think-Tank
Opportunities and challenges for leveraging the cloud & Big Data to carry out Knowledge Work
Presentation by Dr. Eric Tsui
November 12, 2014

Conference: SAE Research Café

Presentations by students/Table discussions/Poster session & Networking
October 23, 2014

International Conference on Analytic Driven Solutions

Chair(s): Eduardo Rodriguez & Gregory Richards
Keynote Speakers: Dr. Vladimir Pestov, Dr. Matt Davison, Dr. Jay Liebowitz, &  Dr. Russell Walker
September 29 & 30, 2014

Big Data and Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges Workshop

Presentations by Dr. Jay Liebowitz, Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, David Coderre and Dr. Gregory Richards
September 30th, 2014

Analytics Think-Tank

A conversation about risk and data: from big data to great data in risk management
Presentation by Dr. Matt Davison, full professor of Applied Mathematics, Statistical & Actuarial Sciences, and Business at the University of Western Ontario and holds the Canada Research Chair in Quantitative Finance
April 16, 2014

Analytics Think-Tank
Post Model Selection Inference in Regression
Presentation by D. Fernando Camacho
February 13, 2014

Analytics Think-Tank

Telecom Analytics Framework for Enhancing User Quality of Experience of Mobile Multimedia Applications
Presentation by Delfin Montuno, has been Member of Scientific Staff Nortel Networks Public Company; NRTLQ; Telecommunications industry. Bell Northern Research Public Company. Member of Scientific Staff BNR Bell-Northern Research
November 18, 2013

Conference: Research Café

Big Data and Analytics: IBM partners with higher education
Key note presentation by Karen Williams, Vice President, Business Analytics BI & Predictive Development, IBM Student presentations/Table Discussion/Poster Session & Networking
October 10, 2013

Analytics Think-Tank

Competitive Intelligence: An Island of Structure in an Unstructured Ocean Presentation by Dr. Albert Simard, Knowledge Manager for the Centre for Security Science in Defense Research & Development Canada
September 9, 2013

Analytics Think-Tank

Workforce Modelling & Analysis DGMPRA” Presentation by Sonia Latchman, Team Leader & Michelle Straver, Workforce Modelling & Analysis, Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis (DGMPRA)
June 19, 2013

Training Session: Cognos 10.2 Technical Training Session

For Professors and Students
Instructor: Steve Smith
January 31, 2013

Conference: Research Café

Presentations by Nipon Charoenkitkarn, Dean, School of Information Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)
Alain Mouttham, Researcher (EECS), Dr. Daniel Amyot (EECS), Dr. Jacomo Corbo (Telfer)
October 11, 2012

Training Session: Introduction to Framework Manager

For Professors and Students
Instructor: Steve Smith
February 25, 2012

Training Session: Introduction to Cognos 10

For Professors and Students
Instructor: Steve Smith
December 7, 2011

Conference: Research Café

Presentations by CBAP members discussing research projects & student poster session (members include the following: Dr. Daniel Amyot (EECS), Dr. Bijan Raahemi (Telfer), Dr. Morad Benyoucef (Telfer), Dr. Craig Kuziemsky (Telfer), Dr. Jonathan Patrick (Telfer), Dr. Umar Ruhi (Telfer), Dr. Jacomo Corbo (Telfer), Alain Mouttham (EECS) and Dr. Alan Forster (The Ottawa General Hospital)
October 6, 2011