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The role of sales in general and inside sales in particular has evolved over the last decade, mostly driven by IT and social changes. Research on the role of key determinants and practices in inside sales performance are rare and they tend to focus on determinants related to individual salesperson performance. Moreover, existing approaches to customer acquisition in inside sales often rely on intuition, expert suggestions and gut feeling, which often hurts the chances of qualifying and converting leads to sales, and eventually diminishes inside sales success. This research aims to address such shortcomings by: 1) investigating the key determinants of inside sales performance; and 2) develop comprehensible lead conversion models that integrate the interplay of relevant determinants in the lead conversion process.  

This research aims to achieve the following objectives. (1) Draw a big picture of B2B sales success by providing academics and practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the determinants of B2B sales success and their significance in inside sales. (2) Identify and validate lead engagement factors crucial for inside sales success. (3) Show the potential of data-driven analytics by collecting multiple historical datasets from several companies representing different industries, hence discovering insights for improving lead conversion outcomes. (4) Provide sales practitioners with comprehensible lead conversion models that integrate industry specific behavior and performance of salespeople, characteristics of leads and/or prospects, and workflow strategy aspects.  

Current Research

  • Lead to Win: Recipes for Inside Sales Success  
  • Drivers of team-based Inside Sales performance in B2B Selling: a Data Driven Study  
  • A Dynamic Predictive Lead Scoring System for Inside Sales 

Funded Projects

Research Publications


  • Morad Benyoucef
    Full Professor, Business Analytics & Information Systems, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa  
  • Pavel Andreev
    Associate Professor, Business Analytics & Information Systems, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
  • Alhassan Ohioma                                                                                          Ph.D. Candidate (Graduated), Digital Transformation & Innovation, University of Ottawa
  • Migao Wu
    Ph.D. Candidate, Digital Transformation & Innovation, University of Ottawa
  • Rahat Haque
    Marketing Manager, InstantEdge Marketing

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