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The nonprofit sector is one of the key segments of Canadian socio-economic system. Over 180,000 nonprofit organizations and charities in Canada offer various community and philanthropic services to support the public. Nonprofit organizations operate in complex and dynamic environments. The insufficiency of financial and human resources and the overwhelming intensity of service provision causes leaders to fall short of management threats.  

The Nonprofit Management Laboratory at CBAP conducts applied research with the aim to help nonprofit organizations and managers design, develop and use management science to increase their impact and organizational performance. We also conduct conceptual and empirical research to investigate strategic impact management, risk management and operations management in the nonprofit sector. 

Current Research

  • Multidimensional impact measurement  
  • Risk management framework for the nonprofit sector  
  • Strategic evaluation, planning, and implementation 
  • Social enterprise business modeling  

Funded Projects & Research Publications

  • Nault, K., Ruhi, U., & Livvarcin, O. (2020). Exploring the Applications & Challenges of Data Analytics in Non-Profit Organizations. (Link)


  • Omer Livvarcin 
    CEO, Vectors Group  
    Part-time Professor, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa 
  • Umar Ruhi 
    Director, Centre for Business Analytics & Performance 
    Associate Professor, Business Analytics & Information Systems, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa 
  • Kim Nault 
    Ph.D. Student, Digital Transformation & Innovation, University of Ottawa 
  • Rick Nason 
    Associate Professor, Rowe School of Management, Dalhousie University

Participating Organizations

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