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  • Parisa Keshavarz, MSc Management, Telfer School of Management
    • The Interpretable Newsvendor Model: A Tree-Based Method to Data-Driven Newsvendor Problem: The newsvendor problem is one of the most important problems in the area of operations and supply chain management.  In this work, the newsvendor problem is solved using optimal decision trees that are modeled as mixed-integer programming

  • Bahareh Kargar, PhD Management, Telfer School of Management 
    • Business Analytics, Healthcare Management, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning: Applications of machine learning and operations research in decision analysis and clinical decision support systems which help to improve decision making in real-world problems

  • Ritu Raj Kaur Virk, PhD Management, Telfer School of Management
    • Family Business and Social Networks:  Governance in family firm. Specifically, networks of board members of family firms and the impact of such networks on family firm outcomes

  • Zahra Abtahi, MSc Management, Telfer School of Management
    • Corporate Governance: The effect of board diversity on the firms ability to innovate is investigated among Canadian Firms, considering gender diversity, tenure diversity, etc. as independent variables.

  • Amin Masoudi, MSc Management, Telfer School of Management
    • Robust Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Portfolio Management: Use modern machine learning techniques and optimization algorithms for algorithmic trading strategies 

  • Azita Jafarbigloo, MSc Health Systems, Telfer School of Management
    • Simulation and Optimization of Medical Devices Scheduling in Sterilization Services of Hospitals: To optimize the efficiency of the sterilization department in hospitals we developed a series of online and offline heuristic algorithms based on batch scheduling and bin packing problems, and to test the impact of the scheduling algorithms on the system we used discrete event simulation approach

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