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Supporting clinicians using Operational Research methods: the analysis of data comparing robotic surgery with other type of surgeries for hysterectomy patients
Dr Wojtek Michalowski and Behnam Alimohammadi, MSc in Health Systems

Information System Support for Patient Care Process Performance Management
Dr Liam Peyton, Dr Gregory Richards, Dr Wojtek Michalowski, Pilar Mata, Austin Chanmey and Kavya Mallur – Master’s students in Electronic Business Technologies

Optimizing Surgical Capacity for a Rural Hospital Through Monte Carlo Simulation
Dr Gregory Richards and Rachel Ozer, Master’s student in Health Administration

Diabetes Management Process Flow
Dr Gregory Richards, Dr Daniel Amyot and Rachel Ozer, Master’s student in Health Administration

Enhancing the Diagnostic Process through the Application of Data-mining Techniques
Dr Bijan Raahemi, Dr Daniel Amyot and Fadwa Alazab, Master’s student in Electronic Business Technologies

Brain-Based Biomarkers for Depression Diagnosis and Treatment
– Dr Bijan Raahemi, Dr Gregory Richards, James Gardiner, Richards Gilliatt and Yazhuo Zhang – 4th year Telfer undergraduates
– Dr Rokia Missaoui, Ilhem Rim, graduate Student at Université du Québec en Outaouais

Research in collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health Research at the Royal Ottawa Hospital Health Care Centre, University of Ottawa – Vernier Knott, Pierre Blier, Sarah de la Salle, B.Sc. with Honours in Biomedical Science, Minor in Psychology, Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology, Dylan Smith, Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience Program, University of Ottawa

Using SOVO Process and Performance Management Capabilities in Healthcare
Dr Bijan Raahemi and Soroosh Sharif, Master’s student in Electronic Business Technology

Real-Time Patient Flow Management
Dr. Liam Peyton, Dr Daniel Amyot, Dr Gregory Richards, Alain Mouttham, PhD student and researcher at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Renaud Bougueng Tchemeube and Shirley Baffoe – Master’s students in Electronic Business Technology


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