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The University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management, in partnership with Vectors Group, a consulting firm specializing in non-profit management, are collaborating in a research initiative to investigate and develop best practices in non-profit management and performance measurement.

The Non-profit Management Laboratory (NML) connects non-profit organizations with academia to get a comprehensive view on the different perspectives and understand the needs of different stakeholders within the space to achieve the following:

  • Develop solutions to help non-profit organizations leverage best practices in management in order to advance their mandate

  • Establish a comprehensive set of performance metrics for non-profits

NML Research Projects
    A strategic model  to increase the efficiency and the impact of immigrant integration services at the national level by using AI and Big Data Analysis

    The objective of this research is to identify and realign overlaps in immigrant integration services to increase the efficiency and impact of the overall system while reducing costs. The study also illustrates how AI and Big Data Analysis can be used as strategic tools without conflicting with the privacy and human rights of immigrants and community. The research covers the conceptual introduction of the proposed model which is based on the contributions of various stakeholders of immigrant integration phenomena including immigrants, service providers, facilitators, government, and community representatives.

    Omer Livvarcin, Kevin Kells, Saouré Kouamé, and Rick Nason (Dalhousie University) provided a workshop at the 21st National Metropolis Conference – Doing Immigration Differently (March 21-23, 2019) in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Risk Management in non-profit organizations

    Presented by, Professor Rick Nason from Dalhousie University and Dr. Omer Livvarcin , Telfer School of Management

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